Talent Connection

Optimize how you manage your large talent pool

In working environments where your business depends on managing and scheduling a pool of contract talent, every improvement to your operational approach can return great benefits. Many common challenges—such as coverage for multiple or rotating shifts, fluctuating volume demands, and compliance for credentialing or training—involve administrative complexity that can lead to inefficiency.

Do you know:
• Whether payrolled employees can update their profiles, skills, and availability in your existing scheduling tool?
• If your current scheduling system can also track employee credentials?
• Whether managers can see what assignments are filled and by whom?
• If your technology allows employees to accept or assign themselves to a job for which they are qualified and available?

As an enhancement to our traditional staffing or payroll solutions, Kelly can deploy a highly effective technology for scheduling and managing any large pool of talent. Our Talent Connection tool will optimize the management of your talent pool, allowing for quicker access and deployment of your qualified and available talent, with far less administrative burden.

Kelly Talent Connection technology offers key advantages to help manage your operational needs:
Filling talent requirements – through flexible, easy-to-create assignments that managers can track online
Automated scheduling – for efficiency in any size talent pool, with a candidate self-scheduling feature available 24/7
Effective talent matching – using a closed sourcing pool based on priority logic that matches by credentialing, screening, training, experience, proximity, or overtime limits and preferences
Real-time reporting – get unprecedented visibility into fill rates, skill supply and demand, pool optimization metrics, and compliance requirements

To learn more about how Kelly Talent Connection can provide greater efficiency for scheduling and managing pools of talent, schedule a consultation with one of our solutions architects.

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